OK, for some people numbers can seem blurry but for you numbers people out there today is quite clear. Today is a rare day when the day, month, and year are all the same....12-12-12. In fact it is so rare that today is the last time it will happen in this century.

The next time a day like this will be 01-01-01 in the year 2101. For those of you lacking math skills that's 88 years from now. It's also 32,161 day away.

Other than the day, month and year all being the same, I don't really feel any different than any other day. Bet number 12 in roulette, or on the 12th horse in the 12th race.  What do you have to lose? Today would be a good day to get a baker's dozen as the store as well. Now that's a deal.