For years now, people have been wondering if there are people on other planets in our universe. Movies have been made of Martians attacking earthlings, but with the Mars Rover currently sending pictures from Mars it seems unlikely that there are "beings" on that planet. But it is a big universe out there and we continue to find more and more planets in the solar system. Still, people are always being asked if they believe in Unidentified Flying Objects or UFOs.

Unidentified Flying Objects have always intrigued people with every story they hear. The first reported sighting of Flying Saucers was reported on this day in 1947 near Mount Rainier, Washington by airline pilot Kenneth Arnold of Boise, Idaho. He reported that he saw nine UFOs over the area. He estimated the speed at 1,700 mph and described their flight pattern as similar to a saucer skipping across water, inspiring a newspaper man to name them Flying Saucers.

If you still don't believe in UFO's after that story, you might want to research an event that occurred almost 69 years ago to the day in 1948. It was the first recorded case of an airplane crash caused by a UFO and it took place in the skies over Kentucky. On January 7th, 1948 Air Force pilot Thomas Mantell was investigating UFO reports filed by the Kentucky Highway Patrol. Mantell radioed a report that he was in pursuit of a 300 foot metallic object at 15,000 feet. Just as he radioed he was closing in on the craft, his airplane burst into flames and he crashed to his death.

It is stories like this that will always have humans believe that maybe we are not alone. What do you think?