Vacation time for me is over, as our family just got back from a long vacation.

Every year in the summertime we go to a place where everyone knows your name. I think that is off of a TV show, but it is true. Port Randall is the place we go to get away from everything. Port Randall is on the 3 mile marker on the Lake of the Ozarks, and isone of the oldest parts of the lake. It has a lot of history. Every year in the middle of summer we go there to relax and play. And every summer we see people who, like us, go there every year.


All this would not be possible without our great friends who run Port Randall, Michael and Paulette Spriggs. In the past few years, they have redone all the cabins (which are air conditioned), upgraded the all the docks and have really made Port Randall a great place to go to and just relax. They are the best people to work with and they really go out of their way to make things great for the visitors that come to Port Randall every year. It is just in their nature to be friendly. When a young man lost his life in a car accident near Camp Point, Illinois, they drove 3 hours to the funeral and back just to show their respect. Great people do great things and we are so glad to have them a friends. I hope you get to meet them sometime.