When the water gets high on the river, I always think of the summer of 1993. It was very hot and water was everywhere.

And how about the brave sandbaggers over at the QU stadium parking lot? That was where we spent many hot hours sandbagging. I remember the trucks coming to get the sandbags. Truck after truck would come by and we would load them up so they could be put on the levee's around the area. I also remember a big collection of coolers at WGEM. Trucks would come by and take them to the people working on the levees so the workers could get could drinks. I also remember a ferry taking cars back and forth from West Quincy  to Quincy. And then the levee broke in West Quincy. I was working in Hannibal at the time and if you wanted to go to Quincy by car you had to make a drive to Burlington or go to St Louis.

But the one thing I will always remember is that the people came and helped in anyway they could. People helping people. That is what made the difference.