I had the privilege of being the Master of Ceremonies last night at the First Annual Pack the Park Pink Diamond Dig at the conclusion of the Quincy Gems game with the Terre Haute Rex. The Gems were winners and then there were winners after the game as well as people dug up the dirt between second and third base on the infield in search of jewelry hidden by Emerald City Jewelers. Everyone who dug donated at least $25 to the Blessing Hospital Breast Center Financial Assistance Program.  The money is used to offset the costs of mammograms for women who cannot afford to have them. Some 52 people hit the infield last night thinking that they would be digging for about 10 minutes and they would find something quickly. Actually the digging went for about 45 minutes to an hour before it was called off and and drawings were held to decide the winners. Organizers of the event were really hopeful all the prizes would be found within a ten minutes but unfortunately that didn't happen as seven items were still to be found including the 14 Kt White Diamond Earrings valued at $1200. So for the people who labored digging beyond the 10 minute time period please keep in mind the real winner here and that was Blessing's Financial Assistance Program and the women who will benefit from it. This was a first time event and some things were learned from it as to how to make it better for next season.  So when the time comes next year, please plan on participating. Also, when you get the chance, stop into Emerald City Jewelers at 33rd and Broadway and let them know how much you appreciate their donations to the cause as well. Also, thank the Quincy Gems for allowing people to dig up their infield.