When I see a police car with its lights on stopped on the side of the road behind another vehicle I always think about just how dangerous the work that these officers do each and every day. Their work can make one wonder why they do what they do? But I am thankful for them being there when needed. Oh, are they perfect at their job?  Of course not, who is?  One thing that goes unnoticed is their compassion.

Evidence of that was the attendance of multiple officers of the Quincy Police Department who came out Thursday in freezing temperatures and strong winds to the memorial for little Alan Madden who was beaten to death 37 years ago in Quincy.

Most of those officers were not even born when this hideous crime took place in 1981, yet they were there in the cold remembering a 5 year old's death.

They were also there this Christmas time as well when they made some "cop-stops" to hand out Christmas presents to people who were totally surprised and some overcome by emotion for their compassion (check video).  So don't tell me, they don't care about people, I witnessed it first hand.