We have been mentioning it on Y101 since last week so don't forget to do it. What is it? Tomorrow is "Wear Two Different Shoes to Work Day". That's right! Two different shoes. The idea is to see if anyone even notices it and just how long it takes for them to do so. I do suggest if you partake in this fun event that you bring the other shoe you really want to wear with you so you don't look out of place all day long. When I first read this, I thought who are these people who come up with these hair-brained ideas like this? They must have way too much time on their hands to think of this stuff. But since they did, why not do it. What the heck. Life is too serious. A little fun will go a long way in the workplace. Now, if you go all day without anyone noticing it, your co-workers are way too stressed out. Perhaps National Stress Day is coming up too! Remember, if you wear two different shoes tomorrow you can always tell your co-workers that you have another pair just like it at home.