I just returned from two days in the Rocky Mountains and the Ft. Collins area. The mountains are beautiful as usual and I went with my brother and sister-in-law up to Estes Park and to Rocky Mountain National Park. We were in search of roaming wildlife.Unfortunately, with it being a holiday (Martin Luther King Holiday), the elk decided to take the day off as well. We did manage to see a herd of Bighorn Sheep and some deer during our trek.

Kevin Moloney, Getty Images

The park is beautiful with it's snow capped mountains.  Unfortunately, we also saw some of the burned out areas of the park from the recent wildfires that raged there weeks ago. Perhaps it was the recent fires that forced the elk away.  They will eventually return along with the vegetation that was lost from the wildfires.

It's a beautiful place to visit so if you ever get the chance, I recommend you take the time to visit the Rocky Mountain National Park.  The drive there is also breathtaking. It's 90 minutes from Denver and 45 minutes from Ft. Collins.