I recently took a little drive across the bridge from Quincy into West Quincy and couldn’t help notice all the trash accumulated along the side of the road. The more I drove more litter was seen along the roadway.

How sad is it that people don’t care about keeping their hometown area clean.  After driving back into Quincy, I kept an eye out to see just how bad a problem it is in the city itself. If you drive out Broadway it will make you cry to see the amount of debris that people have chosen to discard out their vehicle windows.

Unfortunately, it is a sign of our times.  People just don’t care.  It’s a “let someone else pick it up” attitude.  The “I’m not leaving that in my car” thought process needs to go in the dumpster if you ask me. If you open the window and you toss it out I consider you to be inconsiderate and lazy too.

If the truth hurts, so does my back from picking up your trash. Please, I am asking that you give it another thought before you contribute to the “ugliness” of our area. You owe it to our next generation to leave it better than we got it.