I love mowing the lawn. It gets you moving, gets you out of the house, unless you mow your carpet,and you get to see a different view of the world. Because when you work all the time, you may not notice what is right in front of you.

For example, we all get very busy with work, kids, chores to do, thinking about things you should have done years ago and you might just be in a blur with everything you have to think about. But with me, when I mow the yard, it clears my mind. Yes, sometimes it is very hot out there on the lawn. Plus you have to deal with nats, bugs in your ears and just the pushing of the lawn mower on a  hot day makes you very tired. Right now, in spring time, it is very nice outside. Not that many bugs, the grass is a beautiful green, you almost want to mow the yard instead of watching the Cardinals pound the Cubs.

So enjoy spring as it is right now...very green, nice birds singing for you, not much sweat is coming out . It is just nice. Enjoy it while you can.