I spent my Saturday at a very fun event called the Barkus Parade. It's a dog parade with the dogs dressed, some not all, in Mardi Gras attire along with their owners. We paraded around downtown Quincy. It was the 5th year for the event which is presented by Paw Pals, an organization founded by Jane Holt that assists families with dog food expenses as well as veterinarian treatment costs. The monies raised Saturday came from booth sponsors and vendors,the entry fee to walk your dog in the parade, the entry fee to enter your dachshund in the Dachshund Derby and from raffle tickets that were sold. I was reading announcements throughout the event at Washington Park Saturday and looking around at all the people who were there with their pets or pets in some cases. They were all proud of their companions as I am sure the pets were of their owners. The love that people have for their pets in uncompromisable. I got to thinking about what it would feel like to have to give up your pet simply because you have to choose between food for you and food for your dog. How horrible would that be?
Well, if you talk to Jane, she can tell you. The heartbroken owners having to give up their loving companions continues to escalate because of the economy. How many tears has Jane seen dealing with this issue? God only knows. And how many more will she be seeing in the future? That is what Saturday's event was all about.
The money raised Saturday will help but this is an ongoing epidemic with some 300 people a month stopping by the Paw Pals Food Pantry for assistance. Without Paw Pals, these pets would be separated from their owners for sure. No pet deserves that and no owner does either. When you go to your grocery store this week and every time you go, please keep this in mind and purchase a bag of dog food and drop it by Paw Pals Food Pantry at their new location at 20th and State in Quincy on Mondays and Thursdays from 3:30 to 5:30. If you can't get it there they will come and pick it up just call them at 228-7441. Check out their web page as well at www.quincypawpals.org.