I have probably listened to over a million different radio commercials or "spots" as we call them in the business. Sometimes I feel like I have recorded that many as well. Thank God we have them as they represent the major revenue making process for most radio stations in America. I bring this up because I heard a commercial the other day that we are still airing for Shottenkirk Chevrolet. It's the one where the dad and his son are camping out and you hear a coyote barking and a wolf howling while they are in their tent and the little guy asks "Dad, do coyotes eat people?" followed by "Do wolves eat people?". Dad assures him they don't but tells his son to grab his stuff and the leave the tent and they both get inside a Chevy truck to sleep for the night. The truck advertising follows for the rest of the ad. I feel it is the best radio "spot" I have heard in a long while. Not that others haven't been good. It's just this one just seems to tug at you a little with a scared little boy out with his dad. A little boy who didn't want to admit he was frightened but found a way to get his point across to his dad. Don't tell me you haven't ever been in this position before. I think we all have and maybe that's why this commercial is so good. If you haven't heard it, we are still airing it on Y101. Gotta feel for this little guy. Thank God dad had that Chevy truck.