When I came to work this morning I was thinking about having to work on Christmas Day. I started to contemplate the other professions besides radio that had to be at work today as well.

The list obviously starts with the military personnel, doctors, nurses, and other hospital employees. Firefighters and police officers are on the list as well. I got to thinking of just what it would be like if none of those people actually worked on the holidays.

Well, I didn't have to thing too long to be thankful that they were working as I received a call this  morning from my daughter this morning that one of my grandsons suffered a seizure while opening presents in Kansas City.  Thank God the EMT's were working and available to stable his condition and transport him to Children's Hospital in Kansas City.

As of this writing he is apparently doing ok. The poor kid's Christmas certainly didn't turn out the way he and our family wanted. But thankfully there are people working today on Christmas Day.

So when you gather with your family today remember those who are not able to. My family will for sure.