Well, it appears that I have hit a nerve in regards to my previous blog about what I consider to be an inappropriate t-shirt worn to Friday's Blues in the District. Since its posting yesterday I have received acceptance and resistance, both of which I had expected. The best part of all this is that people are passionate about the topic and have expressed their opinions. And that is what is great about America. You can say what you want, within reason, and wear what you want because we have the freedoms to allow us to do so. For that I am thankful. There is no need to review the supporting comments here because they are just that, supportive of my position. But, I feel I do need to address a few comments that were directed personally to me.

Regarding the police involvement, it was never my intention to have anyone arrested for this as some have suggested. I admit that maybe my comment about police involvement might have been a little bit strong. Perhaps the event coordinators could discuss it first and not involve the police.

As far as the suggestion that I should stay home and not attend events comment, I assume that would be directed to everyone who supports my thoughts too. If that were to happen a good event might eventually go away and no one would want that to happen.

My way of thinking, according to one person, "is the kind of thinking that led to the loss of the Sky Diver's Convention". I loved that convention when it was here.  I even sky dove myself. I hated to see it go. Whatever went on out there that caused concern went on in relative privacy and was not in a public forum.  You can't compare the two.

I was even asked to "pretend this never happened" because the band accepted it. I loved their blues music Friday night but that doesn't mean I have to agree with their thoughts.

Lastly and most importantly, I was not trying to humiliate anyone with my comments. I never tried to identify anyone. I only described the shirt in question.   If I did, I apologize. I have been told that he is an outstanding person, a great family man and a Marine veteran. God bless him for those wonderful qualities.

I am human and I will admit I probable judged him based on the shirt he was wearing and I was apparently wrong.  And for serving our country,  I thank him for giving me the right to express my opinion, right or wrong, and allowing us to continue to have the freedoms we all have. He has probably seen more things already than I would ever want to see in my lifetime.

Again, this was not meant to be personal. It was all about a concern. So perhaps, this spirited debate between the pro t-shirt and anti t-shirt parties is showing everyone just what a great country we all live in. We may not all agree, but we all get to have our say. God Bless America.  Where else can we do that?