Some things we just take for granted and somethings we appreciate in life. One of the things we take for granted is the way we answer the telephone.  When we dial a phone number someone on the other end usually answers the phone with "Hello".  Have you ever wondered how that all got started?  Who decided we should answer the phone that way? Well, that 'who' was Thomas Edison. Edison on August 15, 1877 suggested the use of the word "Hello" to the President of the Telegraph Company to answer the phone instead of Alexander Graham Bell's suggestion of "Ahoy".  Just think about it. A simple conversation between Edison and Bell back in 1877 about what word to use has become the standard for millions of people to use today.

When you dial the phone and hear the word "Hello" uttered on the other end you know you have that person ready to listen to you.  So, I guess that means if I call you soon and you answer the phone "Ahoy",  I'll know you read this story.

I'll be dialing soon!