valentine's day

The Big Dog Remembers His First Valentine(s)
It's Valentine's Day around the world.  It is a day when people shower their loved one with flowers, candy and jewelry. It's also a day of reflection when people look back at previous Valentine's days and remember the gifts they gave and the people who received them. I remem…
The Best Valentine’s Day TV Episodes Ever
Say what you want to about Valentine's Day, it is an excuse to buy a three pound box of chocolates and a double-sized bottle of white wine and not have to share it with anybody. But what to do while you're picking through your Whitman's Sampler and pouring yourself Texas-sized glasses…
10 Adorably Terrifying Valentines By Kids
Children's unfiltered honesty can be as heart-meltingly adorable as it is embarrassing. (What parent hasn't wished for an invisibility cloak after a loud proclamation by their child in the middle of the grocery store?) Valentine's Day gives kids a chance to put that honesty to good us…
The Most Dreaded Holidays For Men
It is a day that men dread. A day that men will be desperate for a stop by the local watering hole. Yes, men, you will spend money on this day, like it or not. It is the day you have to buy something for the wife.

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