It’s Time to Bring Back the Road Trip
As a 22 year old college student with roughly four years of loans under my belt, the idea of a vacation hurts the very essence of my soul. To me, a trip to Florida seems about as likely as me hiring a private cruise liner to ferry me across the seas to some strange lands beyond the horizon. In other…
Can We Bring Back the Clark Drive-In? Please?
As I blog this, the sun is shining and the weather is perfect. Makes me think of summer. I ran into one of my old friends from my hometown of Pittsfield the other day and we got on the subject of the Clark Outdoor Theater just outside of Summer Hill, Illinois.
Can Sunscreen Be Considered a Drug?
Last week, a mom in Tacoma, WA. went public after her fair-skinned young daughters came home from an all-day field trip badly sunburned because teachers weren’t allowed to provide them with sunscreen.
Now the policies that led to the incident are being re-examined.

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