Stevie Wonder

‘We Are the World’ Remembered
Yesterday marked the 33rd anniversary of "We Are The World" being recorded. It was January 28th, 1985 when the song "We Are The World" came to be.  It was a collaboration of Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie, and Quincy Jones.
They Say New Technology is Good and We Are About to Find Out
Today at Y101 Radio is the equivalent of the first day at a new school. The initial day at that new school is always an anxiety attack waiting to happen only because of the newness of it all. Well, such is the case for all of us here at the radio station.  Today marks the first day of our usage of a…
For God’s Sake Put Your Headlights ON!
So here it is a major snowstorm in February.  Heavy snow is falling, the wind is blowing the snow and viability is down to less than a city block in places and there are people out driving in this stuff without their headlights on.