South Park in Quincy

Could Sledding Down South Park Hill Come To an End?
It looks like another one of my favorite pastimes of my youth may be disappearing in this country. I was watching the news on FOX-TV during lunch today at a local restaurant when they featured a story about some 9 states that have some sort of ordinance prohibiting sleigh riding down hills in public…
Germanfest Returning to South Park in May
The Sister City Commission announced at their monthly meeting that they will host the Germanfest on Saturday, May 31 in South Park. According to Mecki Kosin, the festival will come back in its original form, with food, drink and music.
Great Sledding at ‘The Hill’ at South Park
Its become known simply as "The Hill" for some people in Quincy.  I'm referring to the hill at South Park where kids of all ages go sledding when the snow comes.  Today is one of those days especially with the temperature still reasonable.