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Swinkey Comes Together To Support A Great Farmer and Friend
Swinkey farmer Floyd Buckman died in a car crash in late August. This week, his friends are bringing in the harvest he left behind. In fact, so many people showed up on his farm to help that there were more workers than actual work to be done. Four combines and a fleet of trucks are making quick wor…
The Story Behind the Cross Carrying Man On Highway 36
When you think of the journey of the cross, your mind goes to Calvary, not Missouri Highway 36. However, motorists along this route over the last month may have seen a man carrying a cross along the shoulder of the road. It's hard to miss. It's 11 feet tall and weighs about 45 pounds.
Douglass Community Services Debuts Brown Bag Lunch Program
The first thing most kids do when they get home from school is make a mad dash to the fridge looking for something to eat. There's something about sitting in a classroom that makes you work up an appetite. That's even more of an issue for kids who have after-school activities.
Every Deer Hunter Should Know About This Program
Starting this weekend, on Saturday Sept, 15, deer hunters will hit the woods with their bows and arrows to mark the start of archery season in Missouri. With deer so plentiful around here, there is always more meat than a family can eat. Again this year, the Missouri Department of Conservation and t…
My Ongoing Battle With The Tupperware Drawer
It's raining. And it's going to rain for days. Most of us don't have the available space to build an ark, so how do you spend these dreary days? How about cleaning out that Tupperware drawer? I'll tell you why not. It's pointless. It's like herding cats.

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