Time is Running Out to See Santa
Time is running out for you to see the big man with the red suit before he heads back to the North Pole for his big night. Here are a few places in the area you can take the kids to see Santa in the next couple weeks...
NORAD in Trouble for Escorting Santa
For years the North American Aerospace Defense Command or NORAD has tracked the progress of Santa around the world on Christmas Eve for children world wide to see Santa's progress. Now they are being criticized for doing so.
Top 10 Reasons Why We Need to Leave the Clocks Alone
This Sunday we mess with the clocks again as we “Fall Back” one hour into Standard Time. So at 2am Sunday we move the clocks to 1am and repeat the hour.  Most of us will be sleeping so we actually will gain an hour sleep which is the hour we lost last March. It would…