It’s Time to Build a Canal from Meredosia to Quincy
Having grown up in New York State, I lived literally on the Erie Canal in Rome, New York.  It’s a canal that connects the Hudson River at Albany, New York with Lake Erie at Buffalo, New York. It runs some 363 miles through central New York State. The concept to build the canal came in 1807 and const…
You Never Forget Your Favorite Teacher
I was out of town this weekend and I ran into someone who started yelling my name, trying to get my attention. He new me, but I was not familiar with him. It amazes me the people I run into away from Quincy. I told this story to a friend and he related a story back that he too was recently out of to…
Who Is Your Favorite Teacher?
Now that we are a few weeks into the new school season I am sure that, if you are a student reading this, you already have a favorite teacher.  If you are no longer going to school I know you had a favorite teacher when you did go to school.