Quincy School District

Could Blue Devil Basketball End a Potential Teacher Strike?
With a potential teacher strike looming for the Quincy School District, plans are being formulated on both sides of issue. Picket line schedules will need to be worked out for the teachers, the school district will need to be working on post strike plans for lost days from a strike and working paren…
Teachers and Quincy School Board Still at Odds
There is another meeting tonight to avert a potential teacher strike in the Quincy Public School System. The Teachers Union wants a 1.45 percent salary increase for teachers, faculty and staff.  The School District is offering a 1.3 percent salary increase for all union employees.
Less Than 20% Respond to a Quincy Public School Survey
If you ever wanted to know why we keep hearing that our educational system is failing us, just read a Quincy Herald Whig article written by Ed Husar and published in last Sunday's paper. The article is headlined "Not Enough Parents Respond to Survey For State Report". The head…
No Yellow on the School Bus?
In Time Magazine's May 14th edition a story appeared regarding advertising on and in school buses. It is a time that has arrived in many locations around the country but not yet in Quincy.