Quincy Police Department

Maybe America Needs More Female Cops
I was reading with interest a short story about police departments in the November 16 edition of Time Magazine. The article entitled "Why America Needs More Female Cops" caught my attention.
Truck Fire at 24th & Broadway Interrupts Traffic
Shortly after 1 p.m. today Quincy firefighters were called to one of the busiest intersections in the city to fight a vehicle fire. A truck in the northbound lane of 24th Street at Broadway caught fire at the traffic light at that intersection.
Want Drugs Out of Your Neighborhood? Call Crime Stoppers!
It seems lately that there is an increase in crime in the City of Quincy primarily due to the increased usage of drugs in our community. The news is filled daily with drug arrests. Just last week a drug bust landed 31 people with charges against them. Just how do we stop this drug problem from happe…

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