Quincy Mall

Household Waste Collection Sites in Quincy Changed
The City of Quincy has made arrangements for four household waste collection sites around the city for private citizens of the city to use during this storm damage crisis through Friday, July 17. This will allow Quincy citizens to dispose of house waste and food waste only, absolutely NO YARD W…
Summer 175 Carnival Celebration This Weekend at Quincy Mall
If you've driven around the JC Penney side of Quincy Mall, you may have noticed that a carnival is being set up. The Summer 175 Carnival Celebration will be taking place Thursday through Sunday on the Quincy Mall parking lot. Mike Jenkins, Quincy Mall's Director of Marketing, gave us all t…
Goodbye J.C Penney: Another Quincy Icon Gone!
I walked into the Quincy Mall yesterday and made my way down to the west end of the Mall heading towards the J.C. Penney store. The closer I got to the entrance, reality started to set in that one of the iconic stores in Quincy will soon be no more.

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