Quincy Mall

Goodbye J.C Penney: Another Quincy Icon Gone!
I walked into the Quincy Mall yesterday and made my way down to the west end of the Mall heading towards the J.C. Penney store. The closer I got to the entrance, reality started to set in that one of the iconic stores in Quincy will soon be no more.
Factory Connection Coming to Quincy Mall
This is great news to hear! After announcements have been made in recent weeks that JC Penney, DEB and RadioShack would be closing in Quincy Mall, and last week's closing of Quincy's Steak 'n Shake, KHQA is reporting that Factory Connection will open in the Quincy Mall late …
RadioShack in The Quincy Mall to Close
Yet another blow for the Quincy Mall came earlier this week when it was announced by Radio Shack that over 1700 stores nationwide would be closing their doors by the end of March. One of those stores is the Radio Shack in the Quincy Mall.
Could Target be Coming to Quincy?
With the announcement of the pending closure of the J.C. Penney store, there has been plenty of speculation about who might take over that space in the Quincy Mall. All kinds of names have been talked about, including Target.
Is J.C. Penney Closing Just the Beginning of More to Come?
The announcement of the closing of the J.C. Penney Store in the Quincy Mall last week was not a good way to start off 2015. This closure is much more than just losing the Penney's store. The ramifications of this closure are far reaching. Not only does it leave a void in the Mall, but it may be…

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