Quincy Gems

Y101 Little League Team Announced for Quincy Gems Opener
For the past two weeks Y101 Radio has been soliciting names for the Y101 Little League baseball team to represent Y101 on the field during the Quincy Gem's season opening pre-game ceremony. Thank you to all who nominated a young person to be on the team. The team was announced today.
Quincy Gems Preparing For the Season Ahead (Audio)
It maybe still some 7 weeks away but the Quincy Gems are gearing up for their 2016 Summer Prospect League baseball season on the field and off.  The Gems are stocking their roster with ballplayers from around the country and here locally as well.  For the fans, they will see some new things this yea…
Just Who is This ‘Chickenman’?
You see him at Quincy Gems baseball games and hear him on the air with us from time to time on Y101 Radio, but do you really know Dave Comer, the guy they call “Chickenman”? I took the opportunity to ask “Chickenman” a few questions so we all c…

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