Quincy Fire Department

The Quincy Fire Department Red Wreaths Need to Remain Red
The Quincy Fire Department has placed wreaths with red lights on them at all of their firehouses around the city of Quincy. The idea is to have nothing but red lights on the wreath which would mean a fire free Christmas season for homes in the city. Any home fires that occur would cause the Fire Dep…
QFD Awards Eight Fire Escape Ladders
The Quincy Fire Department has announced the names of the 8 winners of fire escape ladders given away by the Fire Department.  The winners names were drawn from all the registrants from the Fire Prevention Week Kickoff event at the Quincy Mall held on October 19th.
Firefighters Selling T-Shirts For Blessing Cancer Center
The Quincy Fire Department is again selling commemorative t-shirts to raise funds for the Blessing Cancer Center's Financial Assistance Program. This year the shirts are pink in color and the design features a full back logo with the breast cancer ribbon, dressed as a firefighter, opening a fir…

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