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This is How Gus Macker Got Its Start
The year was 1974. The city was Lowell, Michigan. The location was Scott McNeal’s driveway. The participants were 17 of his friends. Combine all that and you had the start of Gus Macker, but how did it get to Quincy?
Gus Macker Court Taping is This Sunday Morning
The 27th Annual Gus Macker Basketball Tournament will be held in Quincy on Saturday, May 27 and Sunday, May 28. The event has been hosted by the Quincy Exchange Club with all proceeds going to community project in the area. Thousands of dollars has been put back into the community over the previous …
Jack Mackenzie Receives Exchange Club’s Golden Deeds Award
Every year the Quincy Exchange Club presents the Golden Deeds Award to a dedicated volunteer who gives endless hours of their time and talents toward making our community a better place to live. That award was presented today to Jack Mackenzie at a noon Golden Deeds Banquet held at the Elks Lodge in…
Gus Macker Basketball Signup Deadline Nears
The 26th Annual Gus Macker 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament in Quincy, presented by the Quincy Exchange Club, will be held on May 28 and 29. The time to register initially has passed but the deadline has been extended until Monday, May 16th. To register before this Monday go to www.macker.com.
Law Officer and Citizen of the Year Award Winners Announced
Quincy Police Detective Adam Gibson and Citizen Mike Predmore were the winners of The Quincy Exchange Club's 50th Annual Law Officer of the Year and Citizen of the Year Awards. Both were recipients of their awards at a luncheon that was held today before an overflow crowd at the Elk&CloseCurlyQ…

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