Mellon & LaHood to Debate Twice This Week
Two weeks from this Thursday on September 10 there will be a special election day in the 18th Congressional District which includes this area. On that day voters will be going to the polls to elect a replacement for former Congressman Aaron Schock, who resigned in March.
The Big Dog Attacked by a ‘B-52 Like Wasp’
Last Sunday I was stung in the back of the neck by a wasp. It is a wasp that is no longer living thanks to my going into a retaliation mode.  After smacking him with my hand and stomping on him for good measure, Mr. Wasp is no more. The story really began a day earlier.
Amtrak Celebrates It’s 42nd Birthday Today
Today marks the anniversary of the beginning of train service in this country known as Amtrak. Amtrak's passenger railroad operations began on this date in 1971. Next week we will be starting a promotion on Y101 to give away a round trip for two to Chicago from Quincy aboard either the Illinois…