Hannibal, Missouri [Photo Blog]
Every once in a while you really luck out. Today might have been my day. It was up to me to go out earlier in the afternoon - in the sunshine, the 80 degree weather, and the nice breeze - and take pictures for use on our website.
Traffic Signal Rehabilitation Project
I love getting information from government entities.  They write things to make them seem even for significant than they really are.  When I worked for the United States Department of Commerce during the 2000 Census I would receive
No More Germanfest
I have a wee bit of German blood in me but I did grow up in a German neighborhood as a kid in Brooklyn, New York so when I came to Quincy I really enjoyed going to Strassenfest in the State and 8th area.
America Needs Another John Wayne
His real name was Marion Mitchell Morrison but he was better known by his stage name John Wayne. Wayne was an American film actor, director and producer but was considered by many to be an American hero.

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