Thanks Quincy Park District
In a day and age where people take advantage of others when they get the opportunity to do, so my hat goes off to the Quincy Park District for doing what was right and not "gouging" the public.
Do You Ever Prefer a Generic Brand?
Yesterday afternoon I passed by our News Director, Harold Smith, and noticed that on his desk was a bottle of Vess brand root beer. Vess, for those that don't know, is a generic line of soda that can be found in many convenience stores in our area...
Beware the Heat..It Can Kill You!
I hope you enjoyed the "cooler" weather we had Tuesday because it is going to get considerably hotter.  Dangerously hotter in some cases. Forecasters are predicting mid to high 90's for Wednesday, over 100 degrees for Thursday and upper 90's for Friday and in &n…
Quincy, Illinois [Photo Blog]
Yesterday, I had the chance to run around Hannibal and shoot photos for our website. Today, I did the same thing in Quincy. It was a little warmer today, but not unbearable. Here are a few of the images I got:
It seemed appropriate to start here, considering that's the bridge that comes in to to…

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