Kauffman Stadium

Would You Eat Fried Grasshoppers?
I was reading my Herald Whig this past weekend and came across a story about the menus now available a various Major League Baseball parks.  Some of these items are quite interesting.
What to do When There’s no Baseball on
Anyone who knows me, knows I'm a huge baseball fanatic. I will literally watch baseball all day long if I get a chance. I've watched 4 games in a day before. I watch the Little League World Series, the College World Series and any Major League Baseball game I can find the time for. I proba…
A Dog in the Eye May Cost Us All
So there you are, sitting at beautiful Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City, watching a Royals baseball game, when all of a sudden you get hit in the eye with, not a ball, but of all things, a hot dog. That's right, a hot dog, which was tossed at you by "Slugger," the bigger than l…