What Street is in the Worst Condition in Quincy?
Last September I took a little 13 hour drive out of Illinois across Missouri, Kansas and into Colorado. It was funny to notice that the road conditions of each state were somewhat different as we crossed each state's border. Illinois' was the worst by far. It got me to thinking about all t…
A Dog in the Eye May Cost Us All
So there you are, sitting at beautiful Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City, watching a Royals baseball game, when all of a sudden you get hit in the eye with, not a ball, but of all things, a hot dog. That's right, a hot dog, which was tossed at you by "Slugger," the bigger than l…
What is a Watch and What is a Warning
Well, there used to be a Tornado Season in the Midwest but no more. It's basically all year round. With that said it amazes me that there are still many people who do NOT know the difference between a "Watch " and a "Warning".