So Now You Know How Pepsi Got Its Name
It is funny when we mention names of products or companies we never really ask the question "How did they come up with that name?" It got me to thinking about some very popular products and company names out there and how they were actually named.
G.I. Joe’s Maker Passes Away
His name was Donald Levine and he was known by very few people, although he was instrumental in almost every little boy's life. He was the head of Hasbro's Toy Design and Development Division. Levine passed away last Thursday in his home in Rhode Island, just days away from his 60th weddin…
Anybody Want to Play Twister?
I often wonder just how people get into the professions that they get into.  Some people are in  the airline business, others in the laundry business, still others in the fashion business. Then there are those in the game business. Have you ever wondered how someone becomes a creator of a …