Fourth of July

It’s Independence Day and We Should Call It That!
Independence Day says what the day is. The Fourth of July is just one of 31 days in the month. It tells us nothing about what the day is all about. This country fought for its independence from England and it is that independence that makes us the most envied country in the world...
Dogs and Fireworks Are NOT a Good Mix
Before you head out for a fireworks display, please find a way NOT to take your dog with you. A fear of fireworks is commonplace for dogs. They find the loud noise and bright displays of light truly frightening.The good news is that there are a few things you can do to help your dog make it through …
Fireworks Shows in the Tri-States
Fireworks season is quickly approaching! So let's do a little crowdsourcing here to get a full list of ALL of the fireworks shows in our area in the weeks to come. Have one I missed? Let us know in the comments or e-mail us at khmonews@townsquaremedia...
Wavering Aquatic Center Closed July 4 and 5
When the Fourth of July arrives, people plan outdoor activities like watching fireworks, picnics and a visit to the local swimming pool. If you choose to do the latter in Quincy you will have only one option this weekend and that option is Indian Mounds Pool.

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