Dr. Robert Reich

Help Your Dog Get Through the First Days of School Without You
Believe it or not, schools have or will be opening their doors soon.  Where has the summer gone. Once school starts routines change for people and they also change for your pets as well. As most any dog owner knows, dogs are creatures of habit and can become quite upset if there are sudden chan…
Your Dog or Cat is Considered a ‘Senior’ at Age Seven
October is Senior Pet's Wellness Month. at .  According to Dr. Robert Reich of Animal Medical Clinics of Quincy, a cat or a dog is considered to be a senior pet at the age or 7 and with it comes the need for its owners to understand that the pet's medical needs will need to …
Your Dog Could Use A Toothbrush
I would bet the kennel that you did not know that February is Canine Dental Health Month and that’s the problem.  Too few people realize that their pets need to have their teeth cleaned twice a year just like people should.