Deena West Budd

Ghost Haunts Ralls County Killer to Confession
On April 15, 1890, 24-year-old John King a/k/a Mansfield King was arrested in St. Louis for horse stealing. Upon his capture, King seemed relieved and told the officers he was also a murderer and that the spirit of the man he had killed near Perry, Missouri appeared to him nightly.
Glascock Island Murders and the Haunted Rowboat
Did a ghost boat once haunt the waters of the Mississippi River near Hannibal in the early 1890’s? According to Bruce Carlson, author of “Ghosts of the Mississippi River,” many of Hannibal’s inhabitants claimed to see a large ghostly rowboat roam the waters at night from …
Haunted Elmwood Farm Near Palmyra, Missouri
The historic Elmwood Farm located on Route C a few miles outside of Palmyra is said by the current owner to be haunted by numerous spirits. Fortunately, owner Janice Dyer has conducted extensive research on the history of her property and has been able to identify several of the ghosts.
The Locust Street Specter of Paris, Missouri
According to the 29 November 1934 issue of the Jefferson City Post-Tribune, the “Ghost of Paris” had been “stalking” the little town every October beginning in 1864. However, in 1934, the ghost didn’t make its annual visit until…
An Apparition on South Arch in Hannibal
A fire on the night of last December 17 that destroyed the vacant duplex located at 326/328 S. Arch brought to my mind a time years ago, when my friends lived in the home. The year was 1980, and the group of five or six friends lived in the 326 side of the duplex for a very short period of time...

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