David Gerald

Blues in the District Finale is Tonight
It seems like I just sat down to enjoy the first performance of Blues in the District and here it is the last concert of the season tonight already.  Where does the time go. They say time flies when you are having fun so I guess I shouldn't be surprised the final concert is upon us.
Bluesman Marquise Knox Playing at Blues in the District
The summer tradition of Blues in the District continues tonight when Marquise Knox performs in a free concert at Washington Park. Marquise was born and raised in St. Louis and handles his guitar with the best of them. A guitar he learned to play from his grandmother. With Knox's performance ton…
2014 Blues in the District Schedule
As the weather warms, I start thinking about sitting next to "My Rock" during Blues in the District in Washington Park. The first performance of the year in what has become a Quincy tradition will be on June 13 .