City of Quincy

24th & Harrison in Quincy Needs a Traffic Light
It was May 25, 1978, my first day ever in the City of Quincy having moved here from the Kansas City area. I spent the first week in a hotel trying to find a place to live. I remember being at the intersection of 24th and Harrison at the four-way stop. It felt like I spent three birthdays trying to g…
What Street is in the Worst Condition in Quincy?
Last September I took a little 13 hour drive out of Illinois across Missouri, Kansas and into Colorado. It was funny to notice that the road conditions of each state were somewhat different as we crossed each state's border. Illinois' was the worst by far. It got me to thinking about all t…
City of Quincy Reminds Residents on Trash Protocol
The City of Quincy would like to remind citizens that trash and garbage should be placed in alleys for those residents that normally have alley pick up and where alleys are navigable by trucks. Recycle items and yard waste should be placed at the curb.
I Am Confused???
When I first moved to Quincy many moons ago, the first thing I realized was how easy it was to find things in this city. The streets are numbered from the river to almost Liberty going west to east. And the north-south streets are named after presidents, states or trees. Pretty simple.

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