Canada Declined U.S. Assistance in Fighting Fire
The scenes of the horrific fire at Fort McMurray in Alberta, Canada led me to ask the question “Why did the United States not offer any assistance to help fight that fire?”       I said to many people, “How could our country not even ask our ally and good neighbor to the north if we could help them?…
Could Target be Coming to Quincy?
With the announcement of the pending closure of the J.C. Penney store, there has been plenty of speculation about who might take over that space in the Quincy Mall. All kinds of names have been talked about, including Target.
Oh, Canada… Two Days in a Row
Canada beat the United States 1-0 today in the semifinals of the Olympic men's hockey tournament as Jamie Bean scored the only goal in the second period. Carey Price, with 31 saves made that one goal stand up