I was driving past Quincy Junior High School and realized I was going over the 20 MPH speed limit for a school zone. Then I thought, well school is out so that speed restriction no longer exists, right? Wrong!Regardless of the so called school year being over, remember Summer School is starting so the school zone speed limits will remain in effect. Therefore, the 20 mph school speed zones will remain in effect for three Quincy schools during the summer, from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm, when children are present. The actual dates for Summer School are June 6 through July 1. Summer School does constitute a school day.

Please drive 20 mph when driving through school zones, even if you don’t see children. Many times children are present, but are not seen by motorists because of obstructions such as moving traffic, parked cars, and trees. It is the children that you don’t see that are at risk.

So I guess I got my answer. Hopefully you did too!