Well, it was just a matter of time before it happened and it happened this Tuesday night when voters in Hannibal decided to make America's Hometown "Smoke Free".  The issue on the ballot passed by a vote of 1653 to 1309.  So 56% of those who went to the polls Tuesday thought it best to ban smoking in all public places.  Now the hard part.  Enforcing the ban.  The City of Hannibal has not yet determined a plan of action to do the enforcing.  It should be interesting.   I remember when Quincy went this route.  At first there were all kinds of complaints (mostly from smokers) that their rights were being taken away. Being a non-smoker, it would be easy for me to say "get over it".  But in the overall scope of things it is another way that an individual's right is being taken away.  While I now enjoy a smoke free environment where once it wasn't, I do NOT feel it is right to force an owner of a business to go "Smoke Free" unless he or she wants to.  Obviously, we will all be healthier for it. Now the question is...be healthy with more government involvement or less healthy with more freedoms. I just might need a cigarette to ponder this one.