As you look at the above picture it makes you wonder why signs are even necessary, especially when no one takes the time to read them.

I took the liberty to look up the meaning of the word "sign" in the Merriam Webster Collegiate Dictionary.  It says "a display used to identify or advertise a business, product, direction or warning". In looking again at the above picture do you think for one minute that someone actually took the opportunity to read the sign on the garage door?

Well, either they didn't or they just don't care. Lets face it, whatever they dropped off probably was in their home for years and all of a sudden it had to go.  So when the people dropping it off saw the sign, if they did, they just couldn't keep that stuff one more day until they opened tomorrow.

This topic brought me back to 1971 when a Canadian group by the name of The Five Man Electrical Band came out with a song called "Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign". It was a big hit some 42 years ago when people actually read a sign when they saw it.  I am not so sure they read them today (see picture above again).