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Guess What Age Group Fails to Leave a Tip The Most?
The rule of thumb on tipping is that if you get good service you should at least tip 15 to 20% of your bill to your server. Unfortunately, that does not always happen. Depending on how old you are, in some cases, it doesn't happen at all.
Here's Why I'll Always Love Fans of the 1981 Liberty Eagles
The year was 1981. Nationally, Jimmy Carter left the presidency. Ronald Reagan became the 40th President of the United States in January of that year. The Iran Hostage crisis finally came to an end. Locally, the Quincy Senior High School Basketball Blue Devils captured the Illinois State 2A Champio…
Today We Honor the American Flag!
Today, June 14, is always designated as Flag Day in America. It is a day to fly Ol’ Glory proudly. So just when and where did this idea come from?
'Buddy Benches' Are Coming to Quincy
A Buddy Bench at a school playground is where a student can sit when they need a "buddy", whether it's from bullying, depression or just needs a friend.