What's going on?

I Played Santa And Heard Some Heartbreaking Wishes From Kids
Last Friday, I had the opportunity to wear the big red suit and be Santa's impostor for some 70 kids. They were there to see Santa and also enjoy a wonderful meal provided by the Exchange Club of Quincy for the Foster Kids and their families.
Windows Come To Life in Hannibal
The shops along Main Street in Hannibal will come to life this weekend as Living Windows makes its annual appearance this weekend.
This Missouri Town Has The Most Enchanting Christmas Main Street
Remember when Christmas was all about spending time reminiscing with family and friends? If you feel like the Christmas season is too commercialized, then make a plan to visit enchanting Main Street in St. Charles, Missouri. This charming town in Missouri, west of St. Louis, has one of the most ench…
It's Time to Leave Afghanistan For Good
I decided for the past two weeks to ask people I have run into just why are we still in Afghanistan? I must have asked 20 or so of them and no one could tell me a sound reason why.
Are This Year's Popular Toys Safe For Kids?
During the Christmas season children will receive a variety of toys - but some of them come with potential safety risks if they are not age appropriate or if the warning labels are ignored. Dr. Julia Roberts, Pediatrician with Hannibal Regional Medical Group, has a few tips to help make this Christm…
Salvation Army Hosting Christmas "Treevia"
The Quincy Salvation Army will be presenting an afternoon of Christmas-themed trivia to be held at The Kroc Center on Sunday, December 9, for the third annual Christmas Treevia.
So, How Often Do You Pray?
According to the CBS Poll, 50% of the people polled pray often and 21% of the surveyed people pray sometimes.
Are You Burnt Out On The Holidays Yet?
The holiday frenzy seems to kick into high gear earlier every year. A new study finds that by the time Kris Kringle comes knocking, one-third of Americans are burned out by all the fuss.
Hannibal P & R Holding a Holiday House Decorating Contest
Everyone loves looking a Christmas lights and for many it is a holiday tradition. Such is the case for the City of Hannibal. The Hannibal Parks & Recreation is hoping to make it easier for people to find those houses that show off holiday spirit.
Quincyan To Host Benefit for Stem Cell Transplant
For 13 years, Quincyan Sarah Keller Campbell, a nurse at Blessing Hospital, has fought death and won, many times. This summer, it seemed the end was inevitable as her medical team at the Mayo Clinic referred her to hospice care. This week, Sarah celebrated her 32nd birthday, and with your help and a…