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The Miracle on The Hudson Anniversary is Today
It was one of those moments when you knew where you were and what you were doing when you stopped everything you were doing and watched TV in amazement as US Airways Flight 1549 crash landed in the Hudson River.
The Big Dog & Sarah Talk About The President's Physical
From the category of one never knows what will be said on the Y101 Morning Show with the Big Dog and Sarah Deien, comes this comment regarding the President of the United States, Donald Trump, getting his physical examination today.
This QPD Video Will Warm Your Heart
When I see a police car with it's lights on stopped on the side of the road behind another vehicle I always think about just how dangerous the work that these officers do each and every day.
Mike Shannon Speaks Out On Quincy Veterans Home
Despite, their critics, there are plenty of supporters as well including St. Louis Cardinal broadcaster Mike Shannon who has made several visits to the home with me to spend time talking baseball and war stories with the veterans.
Quincy's Villa Katherine Releases 2017 Statistics
The Villa Katherine is one of Quincy’s prized possessions resting on the bluff over-looking the mighty Mississippi River. Officials have release the official statistics for the year 2017 for the Villa.