What's going on?

Do You Remember Any Local Bands Over The Years?
Having been around here for a while I have had the opportunity and pleasure to listen to some very talented local bands over the years. That is a tribute to the local music programs that the schools provide in this area in that they turn out so many wonderful musicians.
Thank God For Our First Responders
As bad as it was for all of us to hear about it, how bad do you think it was for the first responders at the scene? Those people do a job I could never do. Imagine what they were feeling Tuesday as they approached that accident.
Over 1200 Missouri Sex Offenders Missing
A recent report by the Missouri State Auditor’s office released on Monday indicated that local authorities in Missouri do not know the locations of more than 1,200 sex offenders.
Did You Know This Service Is Available In Hannibal?
You wouldn't typically think of a pregnancy as an interactive experience. In Hannibal, the whole family can get a first-hand look at a developing baby at a business called Womb with a View at Riversitde.
New Trauma Support Group for Children Begins in November
November 12th will be a big day for the Advocacy Network for Children as a new support group will be available for children and their caregivers who have experienced trauma such as sexual abuse, physical abuse or have been a witness to violent crime.
Freedom Flight Reaches the 50 Mark
The latest Freedom Flight took place last Saturday which marked the 50th flight in the program which began in the Hannibal-Quincy area in 2010.