What's going on?

What's Going On With West Quincy's Mississippi Grille?
It's been 25 years since anyone has been in West Quincy's Mississippi Grille. You might have driven by this former restaurant if you are coming to (or from) Quincy. It has been sitting vacant and destroyed since the Flood of '93, but to the looks of it, might be getting worked on.
Aldi Announces New Line of Healthy Food Options
Eating healthy for you and your family can be really expensive. Aldi's is here to the rescue, soon you will be able to get more healthier options in their stores and save you a ton of money.
Here's Your K of C BBQ Schedule
The largest fundraiser of the year, The K of C BBQ, is scheduled for August 9 through August 12. Here is the full schedule for this year's festivities:
Did You Know About This New Car Seat Illinois Law?
It was always told me when my girls where younger that they should stay rear-facing in their car seats until they turned two. It was highly recommended by my pediatrician that I follow that procedure. And now, it's not just a suggestion. It's an Illinois law.
Is This Your DREAM Job?
Get your resume together because one of the most influential families in the country is looking for a new employee. If you love makeup and The Kardashians, I think I have found your dream job.
Jay Leno Is Coming to Central Illinois
Known at "the hardest working man in show business," Jay Leno will be making a stop in Springfield, Illinois in September. Tickets are now on sale to see the popular comedian and longtime host of "The Tonight Show".
Lifeguard Training Offered By The Quincy YMCA
Being a lifeguard is not all about sitting in a chair and twirling a whistle. You have a very important job, to make sure people of all ages have a fun time swimming, but most importantly that they are safe.

Take a Tour In This Sunflower Maze
Usually we don't get mazes until the fall (and they're made of corn). I have to admit, the summer maze I just found is not only unique, but beautiful.