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Do You Remember The Air Force Thunderbirds in Quincy?
If you are heading to Chicago this weekend be prepared to hear loud noises as the Air Force Thunderbirds will be buzzing the Windy City as part of the 60th Annual Chicago Air & Water Show on Saturday & Sunday.
Sarah Deien's Dilemma, 'To Scratch or Not to Scratch?'
It is funny how things just happen at the wrong time although there never is a good time for some things to happen.  Such was the case for my co-host Sarah Deien. A couple of weeks ago she was planning to go on vacation with her family when all of a sudden her washing machine just stopped worki…
The T.S.A. Wants to Do What?
The Transportation Security Administration (T.S.A.) is contemplating discontinuing baggage and body screenings at the country’s 150 smallest airports including Quincy Regional Airport.
Whose Face Would You Add to Mt. Rushmore?
Someone a year ago asked me if I could add another President’s face to the monument, what face would I add? My answer then was John F. Kennedy. Who would you like to see added to Mount Rushmore?