In a CBS report this morning the prospect of a North Korean missile test is "considerably high," according to South Korea's foreign minister as North Korea calmly prepared to mark the April 15 birthday of its founder Kim Il Sung .

Historically it is a time when it seeks to draw the world's attention with dramatic displays of military power in support of North Korea's new President  Kim Jong Un. The 30 year old Un has been making almost daily threats to the United States ever since Dennis Rodman returned to the states.  Rodman must have said something to set off the 30 year old leader who desperately is in need of a haircut and a "woopin" by somebody.

His constant display of the North Korean Army high steppin' in a town square isn't scaring anyone.  We've already seen that act by our famous Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall in New York. A child of five could probably make a paper airplane fly further than one of Un's missiles will travel.

So here is a piece of advice Mr. Un.  Sit your chubby little (donkey) down and shut your trap before we take you down.  My money is on our Rockettes.