I have thought for a long time that our world is becoming more and more mixed up and now the NFL has confirmed my thought. The NFL is currently in discussions to determine whether or not to ban players and coaches from using the N-word on the field.  If you are caught using the N-word, your team would receive a 15 yard penalty.  Say it twice then you are ejected from the game.

Dustin Bradford, Getty Images

Keep in mind these are just discussions right now. On the surface, this appears to be a good idea but when you think more about it, it just might be a little overboard. I played sports for 26 years and things are said on the field that you wouldn't want your mother to hear for sure. But that is part of the game.

I venture to guess that almost all of the N-word usage is between two black players on the field which makes it almost comical. Comical in that most of the referees are white guys who, if this rule goes into effect, will have to tell the two black guys to stop calling each other the N-word.

I told you this world is getting more and more mixed up.