We are now getting into the traveling season with schools letting out soon if not already. That means more and more families will be in the car heading somewhere. Many will be using 4-lane highways to get to their destination. They may be four-lane highway but if you are heading south you may not be able to see those who are heading north in the other two lanes simply because the grass in the median has grown so high. Last Friday when I was heading to Hannibal for the Down by the River event we were broadcasting from I drove down I-172 to get there and noticed how tall the grass was getting in the median. I think I saw a giraffe's head stick out of the top of the grass around the rock cutout are near Fall Creek. With the State of Illinois in such a fiscal crisis right now I don't look for the state to do any grass cutting soon. With agencies not getting state payments, cutting grass seems quite low on the totem pole. Man it sure looks nice when a highway has had the grass cut but looking nice right now is not a priority. So when you travel from county to county and state to state this summer check the grass as you travel. if it's cut then you can bet the county of state you are in is not in as bad a shape fiscally as Illinois is right now. Oh, by the way, that giraffe's head I mentioned, I was just kidding but in a few weeks I might not be.